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Unused But Aged LLCs

Say you have dormant corporations or LLCs that you haven’t done anything with in years. Should you keep them or trash them? You may have heard that it is valuable to have an “aged” corporation or LLC.  One of the questions often asked at the bank when

Protecting Your Home

A person’s home is their castle, but how easy is it for someone to storm the castle? Legal protection of a personal residence is actually a big challenge. Most people don’t worry about it too much, but those who are active in real estate investing, own their

Pass Through Entity

There is a lot of confusion about pass-through entities. I have people all the time tell me that one of the advantages of an LLC is that it is a pass-through entity. The confusion comes because people don’t separate the legal aspects of an entity with the

Do I Have to Have the Same Person?

Many estates have the same person listed as personal representative, guardian for any minor children, agent for the durable power of attorney, and successor trustee for the trust. If that one person is capable of handling the various roles, there can be an advantage to having them

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