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Double Tax

A lot of people misunderstand or get confused when we talk about double taxation.  The double tax commonly talked about only occurs in the context of a corporation or LLC taxed under Chapter C of the IRS Code.  This is commonly called a C corporation.  Please note

Pay on Death Accounts–Another Probate Avoidance Tool

You don’t always have to to have an expensive legal structure to pass on small amounts after death. Banks decided several decades ago that they wanted to let people avoid probate on their savings accounts.  They established what are called Pay on Death accounts or PODs.  In

Dresser Drawer Deeds

People play lots of games to try and avoid probate. Most of the games end in a disaster for most of the players. Usually, it’s the government that ends up with the money and the last laugh. I’m trying to help you avoid these costs, but I

Step-Up in Basis

Some methods of avoiding probate can cost your heirs tens of thousands of dollars if you don’t take into account the tax savings available through using the step-up in basis. Step-up in basis is tax terminology that many people know about, but don’t understand in the context

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We wish everyone in America had the means to obtain the knowledge that Attorney Lee Phillips is attempting to impart in the Accumulation and Preservation of Wealth course. We are thankful that there is a legal system that is designed to protect people’s assets, no matter how little or how much.
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